Frequently Asked Questions

1. Whats your turnaround time?

  • Letter and decor orders do not have a turnaround time. When ordering, you will select a date needed. This is the date you are booked for and your order will ship out the MONDAY OR TUESDAY prior to this date.
  • Invite and VIP pass orders have a 4 to 5 week turnaround. This does not include weekends and/or holidays.

2. When will my letter/decor order ship? Will i receive a tracking number?

  • Your letter/decor order will ship the MONDAY OR TUESDAY prior to your booked date. Once your order ships you will get a tracking number in your email. if you have yet to get a tracking number, your order has not shipped.

3. My order arrived damaged! What can i do?

  • It's very rare, but sadly sometimes USPS will beat up a box. In this case, it is best to contact me ASAP to see if we can replace or fix any of the damaged items. I am happy to work with you! If it is a situation where we cannot fix the damage, you may file a claim with USPS as each order comes with $50 insurance.

4. Can i get a refund?

  • No. Each order is custom made just for you. These are hand made items and no 2 orders are the same. Refunds cannot be issued on custom items. Again, if there is an issue with your order please contact me upon delivery and we can see what the options are.

5. What are you letters made out of? 

  • 8 inch letters/numbers and 12 inch letters are made of Papier-mâché. Our 18 inch numbers is the only wood item i offer.

6. I want to order but my date isn't there, can i order and request my dates in the notes?

  • No. Please do not do this. if your date needed isn't there this means we are booked or i have blocked that date for a personal reason. Please contact me if you need a recommendation for another letter shop. 
  • If you proceed to do this, a refund will be issued immediately.

7. Where do you buy your letters and supplies?

  • My minions create it all ;-)

8. What type of paint do you use on your letters? Is the glitter non toxic?

  • Acrylic paint and spray paint are the only paint i use. Our glitter is non toxic and safe, but i don't suggest licking or nibbling on them :)

9. I already have letters, can i send them to you to paint?

  • Since i use specific letters, i do not accept letters this way.

10. I ordered letters 2 weeks ago and haven't gotten my order yet! When can i expect it??

  • Please refer to the first question on this page.

11. You advertise $1.00 invites, but the website says starting at $17.50..what gives??

  • Invites are $1.00 when you order 20 or more, if you click on the invites and select a quantity, the price will change :)

12. I want 4 sets of letters, will you give me a discount?

  • unfortunately, no. The more letters, the more work! we do have sales all year so its best to get your order in during those times.

13. Can you do this theme??

  • I can do any theme, on any item i make, for any event or occasion. 

14. Do you ship international?

  • Yes, we ship world wide. Please order in advance as international shipping can take up to 6 weeks.

15.Do the letter stand on their own? Can they be hung? Are the backs painted?

  • Yes, the majority of the letters and numbers stand on their own. The only ones that don't are F, P, and the number 4.
  • Letters can easily be hung with command hooks, nails, Velcro, or double stick tape. Just pop a small hole in the back and you are ready to go.
  • The backs of letters are not painted as the back is used to adhere your front decor :).

16. Are the letters sturdy? Will they last long? What if they get wet?

  • The letters will last for years if they are displayed correctly and not handled too much. These are not toys and some design are very fragile. It is best to display them somewhere small hands cannot reach and handle them only when necessary. Please keep them in a cool dry place for best preservation. DO NOT get them wet.

17. Can you send me a sample of my theme before i order?

  • You may check out our Instagram gallery for a full look at all the theme we have done. If you do not see your theme, that is OK! we can do any theme. but no, we will not create samples of anything before payment. 

18. Well what if i do not like the design?

  • Invite samples are sent out to approve. We will work with you and make up to 3 changes before finalizing the design. 
  • There are NO SAMPLES of letter orders. It is your responsibility to be as detailed as possible when ordering. you are welcome to email me pics of your theme as well so i can easily coordinate. Please be specific as i create only what you ask for. if you tell me to freestyle i am free to do whatever design i please and no changes or additions will be made.

19. Can you call me to discuss my order?

  • No. We do not have a business phone line. All communication is done through email only so accurate records of conversations are kept and can be referenced to if need be.

19. My order is scheduled for next month, may i see a sneak peak/preview of what you have done so far?

  • No. Orders are not worked on until the week or 2 prior to your booked date, therefor i wont have anything to show you ;-)

20. I saw this design online, can you duplicate it?

  • Nope. I do not copy the work of others. I am have to design something similar in my style, but i will not copy any work belonging to other artists.

21. I emailed you 3 days ago and haven't gotten a response!

  • This means i did not get your email and it is best to email me again. I respond to all emails within 48 hours.

22. Can i DM you?

  • No. Please email for assistance

23. I contacted you a month ago to order and now my date is booked! Why wasn't a spot saved for me?

  • All dates are first come first serve, word of mouth does not book your date. The only way to guarantee your spot is by placing and paying for your order. Do not wait, I book up fast!

24. Do i need add on's?

  • Depending on your theme, yes. Add on's are glitter, crown, tulle wrap, tutu, rhinestones, large rhinestones, fur,bows, and Multiple Character Design. The Multiple character Design is necessary if you would like your letters to represent each character of a theme, such as superheroes, paw patrol, princesses, bubble guppies, etc.
  • Add on's can be added to your cart from the "Add On's" page of the website once you have added your letters to your cart.

25. I need my order ASAP, Is there a rush order option?

  • Yes, rush orders can be added to the cart from the Decor and More Page.