Unicorn First Birthday Letters

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This listing is for A SET OF 8 inch PAPER MACHE letters spelling out ONE
Size: 8 INCHES

Backs of letters are NOT PAINTED.

Inspired by the magic held within unicorn manes, the glory of glittering hooves, and the
excitement of enchantment, I’ve created a set of unicorn letters for your little fairy princess.
Your little girl already knows she is charmed, so it’s only fitting her first birthday party be a
whirlwind of rainbows and delight. These golden, floral letters capture that equestrian
enchantment in a most unexpected way, resulting in a piece of unicorn party décor that will then
capture the imagination of each of your guests. Each unicorn letter is handcrafted using a
combination of paper Mache, tulle, glitter and floral embellishments to offer your little one a wonderfully
enchanting experience.  

The purchase of this listing is for a set of unicorn letters with the following specifications:
Style: Unicorn One Letters
Measurements: 8 inche Paper Mache (each letter)

Like unicorns, these letters are graced with the constantly shifting, shimmering sheen of magic
so there may be slight variations in the color and placement and embellishments. I recommend
fluffing your flowers upon arrival and they may get slightly flattened during the shipping
process; this is normal and easily fixed with a few flicks of the wrist. I recommend using this
unicorn prop for front facing cake smashes, photo ops, or gift table décor because the backs of
the letters are left unfinished unless a custom order is requested where the backs are painted.

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