PLEASE READ: All CUSTOM tattoos/items OR TATTOO PACKS/HALF SLEEVES/ MASCOT OR TEAM CUSTOMS ordered between SEPTEMBER 1ST and SEPTEMBER 10TH will NOT SHIP until AFTER SEPTEMBER 11TH. RUSH orders are NOT available between these dates. Thank you!

Custom GO TEAM temporary Tattoos - Sheet of 35 tattoos

Regular price $ 10.00

Please provide your 2 desired colors.
Please provide your name desired on the tattoo.

Sheet of 35 custom GO TEAM tattoos as shown

Provide mascot or team name and team colors below. 2 colors max. WHITE is NOT an option.

TAT 7-14 biz days or sooner.

To apply, trim tattoo to shape and leave minimal

white space around it.

Place face down on skin and wet for 10-15 seconds.

Remove paper and enjoy.

Remove with soap and water or 90% rubbing alcohol.

Skin sensitivities are a thing, especially when placing on the facial skin, please be aware that these are not recommended for sensitive skin or faces. We are not responsible for any sensitivity reactions.